Make product decisions with confidence

Before Interweave, you have too many spreadsheets, notes, and tools. You know a customer said something, but can't remember where. You think you're making the right call, but can't quickly show why.

After Interweave, you've taken back control and now your whole team understands why things are on the roadmap. Interweave helps you collect evidence, synthesize it, and align your product roadmap to your product strategy.

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Why Interweave?

Increase Revenue and Growth

Drive revenue and growth by rapidly aligning to customer feedback, product strategy, and development.

Increase Customer Retention

Excite passion in your customer base with continuouse value-delivery. Let them see how their feedback is being used to drive product decisions.

Empower your Product Team

Foster greater innovation and increase decision making efficiency with tooling purpose built for PMs.

How Interweave

Define Product Strategy
Interweave helps you define your product strategy and everything you ship is aligned to it. By defining your products North Star metric you help your product and engineering teams know what's important right now. Tackling a new vertical, attracting a new customer, increasing MAU's, to paying down tech debt. Setting your strategy is key to success.
Gather Evidence
Gather your interviews notes, Zoom and Gong recordings, customer support and feedback, all into one location. An easy to use evidence locker for product management. Tag things customers have said, track insights, and use AI to help filter the noise.
Create Features Collaboratively
Synthesize your evidence to find customer desired value that aligns to your strategy. Interweave helps you find related customer requests, address negative sentiment from a specific persona, and discover new areas ripe for enablement. Work with your team to define the feature and bring the customer voice into the solution. Features can be managed in Interweave or pushed to project management apps like Jira.
Ship with Confidence
Communicate your roadmap knowing that what you're shipping is aligned to what your customers need. Interweave includes tools to share and socialize your roadmap, providing yet another way to gather feedback.

Become a design partner. And start making product decisions with confidence.

Interweave is coming soon. Members of the waitlist can become our design partners, helping shape Interweave for launch, and use it free till you start getting value.